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If you're confused, you should start by just simply scrolling down the page to find out all about what this site is! If you think you understand, scroll back up, and press the "register" button to the right and join us! Soon, you'll receive a welcome message by Moon, and she'll be glad to answer any of your questions. If you continue to scroll down, you'll find other things you can do to help you on your journey. Hope to see you soon! 

IvyClan & LucidClan

IvyClan and LucidClan is a warrior cats rpg made back in 2009 by Aquafern. It is now owned by someone called by the name of Moon. We are an open, friendly community, with a basis of intermediate to advanced role players. You are allowed unlimited characters. Here, on IvyClan and LucidClan, you pretend to be a warrior cat, and live your life in one of the two Clans (IvyClan or LucidClan), a loner, a kittypet, or a rogue. High ranks are available to everyone, although most are filled. We are active almost 24 hours. IvyClan & LucidClan's one goal is to provide freedom and fun to role players. Often times, there are too many sites which like to limit the amount of opportunities available to you, but here we support any role play idea you have, so long as it isn't power playing, or unrealistic. 

IvyClan and LucidClan may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but we promise that if you ask members for help in our chat box on the side of our site, they will be glad to help you. 

Where To Get Started

A new site can always seem a bit overwhelming, and that's why we're here to help!

You most likely want to first start with reading our rules and guidebook. The guidebook will go in a more in-depth detail about how our site is run, and what rules we go by. If you find in the rules that you don't agree with a rule, (which are pretty basic ones--- we aren't too deep) then you might not be looking to join us. 

If you find that you are good with the rules and guidebook (from clicking on the green buttons above and reading it thoroughly), then you can click the buttons below to view the Clan information pages!

Choosing your Clan

So, once you've decided the Clan you like the best, you'll want to create your first character.Now, this is where many members have a problem. You'll want to create a character that fits in with the definition of the Clan. For example, it wouldn't seem likely for a dark hearted, vicious, and cold cat to belong to IvyClan. Also keep in mind the looks each Clan typically has for their cats. To create your cat, you'll need to go to the forum board, "Create your character", and fill out that skelly, creating a new topic with the cats name in it. But until you're familiar with the site, we'll put a button here to forward you to that forum.  

Warning:  Members seem to often create their characters in the accepted board, however you are not allowed to do this. Only Rose can move the characters to the accepted board, and only once she has accepted them. Your character must be accepted before you may role play.

Basics of Role Playing

Now of course, once you've made your character, you'd probably like to start role playing! The best thing to do is to make your own forum post. A lot of members get discouraged when their first forum post doesn't get a reply in the first day, or even if it never does, and they automatically just leave the site. But don't get upset! We're a very active site, and lots of members are in different role plays. Our site only shows the most five recent made/replied topics. Your topic most likely got drowned out. If you find that your topic doesn't get a reply within a day or two, you are welcome to make a new one, or even reply to someone else's! But first, let's go over making a topic.

Topic Title Symbols:

(LC)- LucidClan. This role play is located in LucidClan.

(IC)- IvyClan. This role play is located in IvyClan.

(L)-Located on the loner territories.

(K)-Located on the Kittypet territories.

(R)-Located on the Rogue territories.

(P)-This is a private post, meaning only the owner and a friend, (such as they want to go on a hunting patrol, and message their friend to reply to the topic.)  can reply to this post. (you may still watch and read--- you just can't reply.)

Please use these symbols when you're making you're post, that way members can easily find out what characters to use and where you are. 

An example title is:

"Going for a hunt (LC)"

Start Role Playing

To start role playing, you're going to have to have your character accepted. After it has been, then you may choose the territory to create your cat in. To find that territory, go up to the top of this page to the navigation bar, and click the link that says "IvyClan/LucidClan Territory". Pick one of the territories from that page, and read the description. Then, click the button below to go to that forum board. Press "New Topic". Make a new topic! Good luck!

How to access your topic later & your profile

Your private profile can be located on the right side of the page. Your username for this site can be anything you'd like--- so long as it isn't inappropriate. Many users just use their main character for a name, or just a simple nickname. What you will find is that sooner or later, on the right side of the page, the profile setting "inbox" will become dark and have a "inbox (1)", (or another number--- depending on how many welcome messages you receive) this is a message from a member telling you welcome, and more than likely, you can ask them for direct questions to help you. Make sure to reply to these with any demanding questions you have! If you click your name under the profile settings, you'll find it leads you to your profile. Here you can edit and add a description, signature, or other information. You'll also find your recent activity. This a quick way to find the forums you've been in or made recently, and to check if they have replies. 

Members who can help you...

Here is a list of respectable members who are online daily, and have been a member long enough to really know exactly what's happening and what to help you with: Feel free to send them a message if you need help with anything!

This was just a basic, simple guide to help you get started.


Season: Green-leaf

Year: 1

Aging: 3 Moons

It's early Green-leaf! Finally the mud and muck has gone away and turned into bright shiny days filled with white puffy clouds. The birds and bugs are buzzing and chirping, the forest is alive with the calls of various other animals, including surplus amounts of prey for the Clans!

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"What has happened once can happen again,
History is prone to repeat.
But wandering through the forests are those
Of fire and sleet
Of heart and hate.
These are the four who decide your fate."
Participants: the LucidClan cult, rogue gang, specifics unknown
Effects: Apprentice aging has stopped.

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