"And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend."

In a place far away lies IvyClan, a Clan who lives with love, dreams, hopes, and ambition. IvyClan Forever is a warrior cats rpg made for sparking creativity, imagination, and friendships among role players. We like the idea of a tight-nitched community where everybody knows everybody, and everyone is friends with everyone. We know each  other's good sides and bad sides. We've all role played together before, and we inspire and push each other to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. IvyClan Forever is unique because it is so old, yet time hasn't erased the feeling of home that the site gives. Here on IvyClan we role play in forums, with really only one Clan, but possibly another to come in the future. We enjoy intermediate to advanced members, but anyone who can really write two sentences is welcomed to join. We thrive on deep plots that are intricate yet intriguing enough to make everyone want to join in, and every so often we have "Megaplots" or "Miniplots" that involve the entire site.  

Why should you join us?

  • Our forums open a world of creativity to those who have been waiting for it. We have no character limits, and the forums allow you to post wherever, whenever, and whatever you wish so long as it is within the rules. This means that yes, if you log off for a little bit and then return later your post and data will still be there for you to see!
  • Your characters are given free will. If you wish for them to create a band of rogues and try to attack IvyClan, you're free to do so, as long as you expect the consequences if you can't do so.
  • We're only one Clan, and that gives you so many more choices for deep plots with other members, and to allow yourself to get more creative. Also, all of our members are clustered in one area, allowing for the chance for your posts to get replies much easier. 

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